Welcome! The City of Oaks Foundation is a strong new voice for conserving Raleigh’s natural resources. Citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina understand that a green city is a great city. Click here to read about the Foundation in detail.

Our parks, greenways, natural areas, and streams make up Raleigh’s common wealth – open to all regardless of race, creed or income. They provide us with clear air, clean water, and places to relax, play and explore. They make our lives infinitely better and require only one thing in return: that we take care of them. However, this is becoming more difficult as Raleigh’s population continues to grow.

That’s where the City of Oaks Foundation comes in. Formed through a partnership between community leaders and the City, the Foundation seeks to acquire natural areas voluntarily from conservation-minded landowners. The City of Oaks Foundation envisions a network of forests and fields that complement the City’s collection of parks, nature preserves, and greenways. Interested landowners should click here to learn more about voluntary conservation options.

The City of Oaks Foundation also seeks to re-connect us to our natural world. High-tech, 21st century Raleigh is a great place to live and work, but in some ways we are better connected to our digital communities than we are to the community that is right outside our doors. One way to better balance things is to encourage participation in the City’s park and recreation programs, especially for people who cannot afford the cost of some of these programs. The Foundation’s “Give Play” Initiative has a goal of removing cost as a barrier for participation with a focus on getting more children engaged in park programs. Donors to “Give Play” will support need-based program scholarships.

The City of Oaks Foundation is a tax-exempt organization (Exempt ID 27-4467111), and all contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. To learn more about the City of Oaks Foundation and how you can make a difference, contact us.

City of Oaks Foundation
PO Box 18928
Raleigh, NC 27619-8928
919 996 4773
Kevin Brice, kevin.brice@raleighnc.gov